Private Photography Lessons

Photography is a tricky subject to to learn and it can be extremely frustrating when you’re missing vital pieces of information. YouTube is great, but there’s nothing better than having someone right in front of you with a head full of knowledge to help fill in those missing crucial details. Whatever your vision, as deep as you want to dive, I’m here to help you get where you want to go. Save yourself years of frustration with a few hours of fun photography lessons!

I know the word “passion” is a bit cliché, but honestly photography has been my obsession for years, specifically when it comes to lighting. When I’m teaching someone the subtle nuances of it I get pretty excited because it reminds me of the times when things started to click for me. And when I see that look in my student’s eyes when it finally clicks for them it’s incredibly rewarding! There’s a bit of magic to the whole thing.

Current rates: $75/hr. Reduced rate for multiple hours (Savings of $100 with the 8 hr option).
Hours can be used at your discretion, they are good for one year from the purchase date. Generally sessions of 2 hours at a time, once a week are advised. That gives us plenty of time to get really in-depth on a subject, but not so long that your mind gets oversaturated. And that gives you time in between to practice what you learned and build on it each time.

Looking for a perfect gift for the photographer in your life? Gift cards are available! Pick them up in person or have them mailed directly to you in complete with special gift box! Use the contact form below for more details.


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