Studio Rental

With a white paper background and a couple strobes anyone can have a standard studio setup, but my goal is to provide something unique and interesting. Something that isn’t readily available on every corner. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or new to studio lighting, you can hit the ground running at my studio. It’s a relaxed, intimate environment located in downtown Wichita. Perhaps you only need a studio a few times a month, why take on all the overhead and maintenance of having your own studio when you can pay by the hour and have access whenever you need it. I have the equipment and everything you need for a productive shoot. Perhaps you’re ready to get serious about studio lighting but you don’t know where to begin. No problem. Book an extra hour before your session and I’ll help you build up your lighting setup to get the look you want and give you pointers on how to get the most out of it. And of course I’ll be on hand if you have questions during your shoot. If you’re just looking for some one-on-one training, we can do that too. We have the whole studio at our disposal and I can teach you anything you want to learn.



-Relaxed, private environment
-Centrally located
-Lighting consultation
-Unique and interesting locations in and around the building.
-Use of my office for meetings with clients
-Pioneer sound system with plug-in for any device with headphone jack.


White Cyclorama Wall.
White cycloramas are the most versatile tool to have in any studio. You can create anything from pure white to grey to black, if you light it the right way. The main purpose is to kill the shadows in the corners and create a seamless almost infinite background. But there are a lot of other fun ways to use it as well.
Whita Cyclorama Wall - Steve Gracy Photography - Wichita KS
IMG_0128 IMG_0748 IMG_1490 IMG_1693 IMG_5513 IMG_6026 IMG_6063 IMG_6314 IMG_6408 IMG_8954 IMG_6793
Black Wall (with wood laminate flooring).
This wall can be shot as pure black to dark grey depending on how you light it. You can also put color on the wall with colored gels on the lights. Parts of it have interesting texture to them which is useful for adding character to your background.
Whita Wall Wood Floor - Steve Gracy Photography - Wichita KS
IMG_1131 IMG_1765 IMG_4096 IMG_7990 IMG_1045 IMG_2906 IMG_2971
Mobile Wall
This 4’x8′ wall has 2 sides, wheels and can be moved around for use anywhere in the studio. One side is glossy white and the other has a textured floral pattern fabric. I’ll be attaching up to 20 different interchangeable backgrounds to it as I find new interesting pieces to add to my collection. Just choose the one you want and flip the rest over the back. Here are some interesting ways to use it. This is a new addition. More sample images to come.
IMG_3611 IMG_3711 IMG_3818
Red Tufted Wall (shown with mattress)
When you want a seductive and alluring look the red tufted wall is extremely sexy and it’s a lot of fun to light. It can be placed horizontally or vertically. Here are some sexy ways to use it. View the build here.
Red Tufted Wall - Steve Gracy Photography - Wichita KS
IMG_0981 IMG_4561 IMG_5031 IMG_9638
I like to make use of every bit of space I have in the studio, so I’ve set up these small areas on the side wall with backdrops and utilized the leather chair and the Ugly Green Chair. These are a new addition. More sample images to come.
IMG_7649 IMG_7662
This is one of my favorite tools because it creates such interesting light patterns. I have it secured to the wall so a strobe can be placed behind it. Also Really cool when used with the fog machine.
IMG_0658 IMG_6540 IMG_8012 IMG_8777
Aside from the studio there are also several other interesting places to shoot inside the building. An old elevator, a long hallway with a window at the end (incredible light at sunset), windows with blinds, 2 staircases, an old iron gate, etc.. You are welcome to use any of these areas as well during your studio time.
IMG_3033-web IMG_4366 Photo by David Wallace IMG_3558 IMG_3250

Lighting Consultation

Take advantage of my lighting expertise before and during your session. Let me help you prepare for your session with a pre-session consult. We’ll start an hour before your clients come in and work out a lighting solution and setup that will make your images really stunning. This is preferable to having me help you sort all that out while the clients wait. Having it set up and knowing exactly how to proceed before they even get here will make you look more professional and allow you to relax and enjoy your shoot. Of course I will be on hand in my office should you need help during the shoot as well.


Light Modifiers & Extras

(2) 32″ octabox with double diffusion and egg crate grid
60″ octabox with double diffusion
5-in-1 reflector
Black/white foam board reflectors
(2) Convertible shoot-through/reflector umbrella
Color gels
Grid spots
Barn doors
Fog machine


Purchasing Studio Time

Hours can be purchased in bulk and used as needed. They never expire. Best practice is to inform your clients that studio fees are non-refundable and if they cancel or reschedule they are still responsible for those fees.
$25 per hour, 2 hour minimum.
To check availability contact me directly at 316-821-0984 or