Martha Introduces Me To Coconut Oil

I’m sold! Coconut oil looks amazing on a nude body!
This was a fun little shoot. I worked a lot more deliberately with rim lighting and putting all the pieces together. And when they came together, boy howdy… Martha has been really great to work with. Very energetic, very playful, and the lines and shapes she creates are really beautiful. The end of this shoot got extremely interesting to say the least. All those great shots are in the Member’s Section. Join Us to see them all.

I have another shoot with her on a badass bike that I’ll be finished with soon. Keep an eye out for that one.

Full Set Includes:

  • 164 images
  • Full Nude
  • Penetration
  • Shameless Vagina, Breast, Butt.

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Martha Introduces Me To Coconut Oil
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