Instax Instant Film Session With Becca (NSFW)

My very first session with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant film camera, using the in-camera flash to trigger my studio strobe in a softbox.  Of the many many things I find fascinating about these cameras, the coolest thing to me is that I can apply my favorite lighting techniques and create an awesome image right in the camera and DZZZZZZZZZT out pops a one-of-a-kind, tangible, original print. I can’t even describe how huge that little detail is, and how much more value that adds to the art that I create with it.

I can’t stop looking at these images. I’m really just blown away by how cool they look. And there are so many things I’m itching to try next. With the ability to completely control the lighting, the sky is the limit. I also have plans to incorporate these original prints into my resin/paint experiments to add yet another element of awesomeness into the mix.

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Full Set Includes:

  • 18 Instax Images
  • Full Nude
  • Shameless Vagina / Breast


Instax Instant Film Session With Becca (NSFW)
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