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Artistic Boudoir Photo Sessions

The most common thing I hear from my private clients is how a boudoir session was something they wanted to do for many years. They’d been thinking about it, checking out the work of individual artists in town and slowly narrowing down their decision over time while building up the courage to go through with it. I love that. You should be choosing a photographer based on how their work connects with you, their personality and how comfortable you feel with them. Especially with this kind of subject matter. Shopping by price is not going to yield the most satisfying results. Come meet with me at the studio, have a chat, check out some of my artwork in person and I’ll answer all your questions. No pressure. If you’re ready to set up a session, that’s great. If you’re just starting the process of choosing who you want to work with, I encourage you to be diligent and follow your heart. There are some really great photographers in town. Choose the one who resonates with you the most.

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