Frequent Foto Club

If you’ve always wanted to do a High Quality Boudoir Photo Session but the cost of a professional photo shoot has always seemed prohibitive, I may have the perfect solution for you. Join the Frequent Foto Club and you can spread out the payments and have more fun in the process with multiple sessions throughout the year.


  • Great pick-me-up! Boudoir shoots are fantastic for increasing self-esteem and just feeling good overall. They’re so much fun. Come in every few months and get a nice boost in your confidence.
  • Spread out the cost of high quality photos over a longer period of time. 
  • Multiple shoots gives you the opportunity to get more comfortable and confident in front of the camera over time.
  • A wider variety of looks in your collection, over the course of 4 shoots during the year. 
  • Document your physical improvement. If you have a goal of losing weight or improving your figure, you can see your improvement over a longer period of time.
  • Maternity sessions can be done in series as your tummy grows.
  • Bring a close friend along and share a bonding experience together. 

If you’re ready to get started, choose an option below. For more information feel free to contact me through the short form below.


All options include 4 sessions per year and 5 images per session. Upgrades and additional images are available from each session.

Digitals are delivered within a week after each session. Prints and Books are delivered after 12 consecutive payments. (Ask about options for receiving printed products early.)

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